XQ-2B Metallographic Sample Mounting Press

Mounting press, Inlay machine, metallographic sample preparation equipment price

Features and Applications:

1. Applicable to the thermos-hardening plastic pressing of the small metallographic specimen
Working conditions:
1)The height is no more than 1000m;
2)The temperature of surrounding medium can not be lower than -10 °C or over 40 °C;
3)The relative humidity of air should be no more than 85% (20 °C).
4)The voltage fluctuation should be no more than 15% and there should be no obvious vibration source around.
5)There should be no current conducting dust, explosive and corrosive air.

Product Specifications:


Specification of the Sample

22*15mm, 30*15mm, 45*18mm

Heater Specifications


Range of Temperature Adjusted


Power supply

Voltage fluctuations within ±15%, 220V,50Hz



Net Weight

33 Kg