Q-100B Metallographic sample cutting machine

sample cutter


Features and Applications:

1.Various cutting data can be displayed on high definition backlight type LCD screen.
2. Manual cutting and automatic cutting means can be switched at will
3. Large cutting chamber, tempered glass observing window
4. Equipped with 60L cooling liquid water tank.
5. Non-burning loss swing type cutting means that improved the cutting quality
6. Automatic withdraw function after cutting is finished
7. Bidirectional feeding means increase the length of deep cutting



Power Supply 380V, 50HZ
Spindle Rotating Speed 2100r/min
Specification of grinding wheel 350*2.5*32mm
Max cutting diameter Φ100mm
Maximum cutting volume 100*200mm
Electric power YS90L2-2   3KW
Cutting table size 310*280mm
Dimension 930 x 700 x 610mm