Q-80Z Metallographic sample cutting machine

Specimen cutting machine


Features and Applications:

1. Used to cut round specimens of the diameter within 80mm or rectangular specimen within height 80mm, depth 160mm.
2. Equipped with automatic cooling system to cool the sample, to prevent the sample overheating and burning during the cutting process.
3. Set the cutting speeds due to different samples, so as to improve the quality of cutting samples.
4. The machine has manual cutting and automatic cutting types.
5. With large cutting chamber and easy cutting for user, the cutting machine is one of metallographic test necessary sample preparation equipments for the colleges, factory enterprises. 



Power Supply 380V, 50HZ
Spindle Rotating Speed 2100r/min
Specification of grinding wheel 350mm×2.5mm×32mm
Max cutting diameter Φ80mm
Max cutting volume 80*200mm
Electric power YS90L-2.2KW
Dimension 310*280mm