4XB Metallurgical microscope

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Features and Applications:

1. Used to identify and analyze the organizational structure of all kinds of metals and alloy materials.
2. It is a binocular-type inverted metallographic microscope 
3. It can be equipped with photographic device to proceed photomicrography.
4. Due to the surface of specimen coinciding with the table surface, it has no limit to the height of specimen.
5. The equipment base has large supporting area and the arm bend is strong which makes the gravity of equipment lower, thus it can be placed stably and reliably. 
6. There is a 45 º  tilt angle between the eyepiece and supporting surface, and this make it comfortable to observe. 
7. It features convenient operation, compact structure and elegant appearance.



Category magnification view diameter (mm)
Flat-field eyepiece 10X 18
12.5X 15
Category magnification numerical aperture (NA) system working distance (mm) 
Achromatic objective lens 10X 0.25 Dry 7.31
Semi-flat-field achromatic objective lens 40X 0.65 Dry 0.66
Achromatic lens 100X 1.25 Oil 0.37

The total optical magnification: 100X-1250X 
Mechanical tube length: 160 mm 
Rough focusing fretting institutions: Focus Range: 7 mm 
                    Lattice-valued scale: 0.002 mm 
Rough dynamic focusing range: 7 mm 
Machinery table: 75 * 50 mm 
Lighting bulb: 6v 12w bromine tungsten lamp 
Containing object (diameter): 10,20,42 
Instrument Weight: 5 kg 
Packing box size: 360 * 246 * 360 millimeters 
The main microscope:             one 
Eyepiece 10X, 12.5X:         2 pcs. each 
objective lens 10X, 40X (flat-field), 100 (oil):  1 pc. Each 
binocular tube:                 one  
10 X eyepiece micrometer :       one 
micrometer-foot (0.01) :         one 
contents pressure spring:         one
slide φ10, φ20, φ42 :             per one 
filter (yellow, green, gray and frosted glass):per one  
fir oil :                       one bottle
light bulb (bromine tungsten lamp) (standby): two 
 fuse:                          one