4XC/4XC-TV Metallurgical microscope

Metallographic microscope

Features and Applications:

1. Mainly used for metal identification and analysis of the internal structure of organizations.
2. It is the important device which can be used to study the metallographic structure of metal, and it is also the key instrument to verify the product quality in industrial application.
3. This microscope can be equipped with photographic device which  can take metallographic picture to carry out artificial contrast analysis, image editing, output, storage, management and other functions.



Magnification 10X 20X 40X 100X(Oil)
Numerical 0.25N.A 0.40N.A 0.65N.A 1.25N.A
Working distance 8.9mm 0.76mm 0.69mm 0.44 mm
Plan Eyepiece:
   10X (Diameter field Ø 22mm)
   12.5X (Diameter field Ø 15mm) (pick out part)
Dividing Eyepiece: 10X (Diameter field 20mm) (0.1mm/div.)
Moving stage: Working stage size: 200mm×152mm
                           Moving range: 15mm×15mm
Coarse and Fine focusing adjusting device:
Coaxial limited position, Fine focusing scale value: 0.002mm
Objective 10X 20X 40X 100X
10X 100X 200X 400X 1000X
12.5X 125X 250X 600X 1250X
Photo Magnification
Objective 10X 20X 40X 100X
4X 40X 80X 160X 400X
4X 100X 200X 400X 1000X
And additional