HVT-5、10、30、50/A Digital display vickers hardness tester

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* The CCD image processing system can finish the process automatically: measurement of the diagonal length of indentation, hardness value display, testing data and image saving, etc.

* It is available to preset the upper and lower limit of hardness value, the testing result can be inspected whether it is qualified automatically.

* Proceed hardness testing on 20 test points at one time (preset the distance between test points at will), and save the testing results as one group.

* Converting between various hardness scales and tensile strength

* Inquire the saved data and image at any time

* Customer may adjust the accuracy of the measured hardness value at any time according to the calibration of Hardness Tester

* The measured HV value can be converted to the other hardness scales such as HB,HR etc.

* System provides a rich set of image procsessing tools for advanced users.the standard tools in the system include adjusting Brightness,Contrast,Gamma,and Histogram Level,and the Sharpen,Smooth,Invert,and Convert to Grey functions.On grey scale images,system provides various advanced tools in filtering and finding edges,as well as some standard tools in morphological operations such as Open,Close,Dilation,Erosion,Skeletonize,and Flood Fill,to name a few.

* System provides the tools to draw and measure common geometric shaps such sa lines,angles 4-point angles (for missing or hidden vertexes),ractangles ,circles,ellipses,and polygons.Note that the measurement assumes the system is calibrated.

* System allows user manage multiple images in an album which can be saved to and opened from an album file.the images can have the standard geometric shapes and the documents as entered by user as described above

On an image,system provides a document editor to enter/edit documents with contents either in simple plain test format or in advanced HTML format with objects including tabes,list,and images.

*System can print the image with user specified magnification if it is calibrated.


    It can be used to determine the Vickers hardness of steel, non-ferrous metals, ceramics, treated layers of metal surface, and the hardness grads of carburized, nitrided and hardened layers of metals. It is also suitable to determine the Vickers hardness of micro and super thin parts.







Measuring range


Test force

2.9424.9039.80719.6124.5229.4249.03N0.30.51 2 2.5 3 5 kgf


0.30.51 2 2.53510 kgf

4.9039.80719.6124.5229.4249.0398.07196.1294.2N0.5122.535102030 kgf


Hardness scale

HV0.3, HV0.5, HV1, HV2, HV2.5, HV3, HV5,

HV0.3, HV0.5, HV1, HV2, HV2.5, HV3, HV5, HV10

HV0.5, HV1, HV2, HV2.5, HV3, HV5, HV10HV20HV30

HV1, HV2, HV2.5, HV3, HV5, HV10HV20HV30HV50

Magnifications of the measuring system


400X (measuring),

200X (observing)



200X (measuring),

100X (observing)


Min. scale value of the optical micrometer






Measuring range


Max. height of test piece



Depth of throat


Power supply

220V AC or 110V AC, 50 or 60Hz


530×280×630 mm

Weight: approx


standard accessocies:

Vickers Indenter

1 piece


2 pieces

Accessories Box

1 piece


1 piece

Cross Testing Table

1 piece

Level Regulation Screw

4 pieces


1 piece


1 piece

Internal Hexangular Spanner

1 piece

Dust-Preventing Cover

1 piece

Power Source Cable

1 piece


2 pieces

Halogen Lamp

1 piece

Vickers Hardness Block

2 pieces

Usage Instruction Manual

1 copy

options accessories:

Knoop Indenter

Hardness Test Blocks

CCD Image Measuring System

Metallurgical Specimen Mounting Press

Metallurgical Specimen Polisher

Metallurgical Specimen Cutter