ZXQ-2 Automatic water cooling Metallographic mounting press

Mounting press, inlay machine, moulding machine, sample preparation equipments supplier


Features and Applications:

1. Used to mount small specimens, specimens in irregular shapes, or difficult to take up.
2. Serves to facilitate grinding and polishing operations and the routine observation under the metallographic microscope.
3. The machine is heated, and intensified with pressure automatically. After the formation of the specimen under pressure, it stops the operation and discharges the pressure also in an automatic way.
4. Automatic water cooling
5. With another press of the knob, the machine automatically turns up the specimen, which may be taken away.   



Specification of the Sample φ22mm,                φ30mm,                φ45mm
Heater Specifications 650W,220V,50Hz
Cooling  automatic water cooling 
Total power 1000W
Dimension 380×350×420mm
Net Weight 50 Kg
Standard accessaries 1 piece of thermoelement  1 bag of Mosaic powder,1 funnel