HS-D shore hardness tester


     Shore durometer HS-D, D Type measuring the hardness of hard plastic and hard rubber, such as a thermoplastic hard resin, flooring, bowling, especially for on-site hardness measurement of rubber and plastic products.


      Digital Shore durometer HS-D has a simple structure, easy to use, type of body light, intuitive readings, etc., and other related products meet GB/T531-1999 standards, both can carry hand-held measuring device can also type in supporting the Shore hardness tester used on the test rack.

Technical Specifications:

1.  Measurement range:0-100HD;                                                          
2.  Resolution ratio:0.1HD;
3.  Measuring error:within 20-90HD,error≤±1HD;
4.  Environment temperature:0-40℃;
5.  Power:3×1.55V button cell ;
7.  Dimension:142×52×42mm;
8.  Weight:0.3kg;


Major functions:

Peak latch, average value calculation and under-voltage alarm;

Can communicate with computer through RS232 communicat-ion cable;

Automatic shut-down


Basic configuration:

(1) One main engine

(2) Three V357 button batteries



(1) RS232 communication cable (2) 5VAC and DC adapter

(3) HS hardness test board