GTQ-150 High speed Precision metallographic sample Cutting Machine

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Features and Application:

*High positioning accuracy

*Wide speed range

*Strong cutting capacity

*Internal circulating cooling system

*Feed rate can be preset

*Menu control, touch screen and LCD display

*Automatic cutting

*Closed cutting chamber

GTQ-5000 Precision cutting machine is suitable for metal, electronic components, ceramics, crystal, carbide, rock samples, mineral samples, concrete, organic materials, biomaterials (teeth, bones) and other materials for precision cutting without distortion. It is one of the ideal industrial and mining equipment, research institutes, producing high-quality samples.

Technical Parameter:

1.feed rate: 0.01 ~ 3.00mm / s (adjusted in steps of 0.01)

2. wheel speed: 500 ~ 5000rpm

3. the maximum stroke: Y axis 200mm

4. cut sheet size: 200*32*1mm

5. cutting power: 1100W

6. Power: 220V 50Hz

7. Dimension: 700mm*720mm*410mm (L*W*H)