MP-2000 Automatic Metallographic Grinding Polishing machine

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Applicable to rough grinding, fine grinding, rough polishing and finishing polishing for specimen preparing. Ideal option for the lab of factories, science and research institutions and universities.

Technical Parameter: 

Diameter of working disc:250mm (203mm, 300mm can be customized)

Rotating Speed of working disc:50-1000rpm Step less speed changing or 200 r/min600 r/min800 r/min1000 r/min Four level constant speed (applicable to 203mm &250mm, 300mm need to be customized) 

Rotating speed of polishing head: 5-100rpm

Loading range: 5-60N

Sample preparation time: 0-9999S

Sample diameter: φ30mm (φ22mmφ45mm can be customized)

Working Voltage:220V/50Hz

Dimension:980*920*470 mm


GW/NW: 71Kg/55Kg