ZXQ-5Q Pneumatic Automatic Mounting Press

Automatic mounting press, water cooling, China manufacturer hot mounting press

Zxq-5q intelligent type fully automatic mounting press is an advanced pneumatic water-cooled sample mounting equipment. The whole mounting process is controlled by preset program, which can realize one-click operation of  heating, pressing, holding, cooling, unloading, and ejection of samples, no need to have operator on duty. Different mould size can be chosen according to the actual situation;and replaceable steel mould model is optional.

The machine is equipped with smart digital display thermostat touch screen, PLC can control temperature automatically; the preset temperature and real-time temperature are both shown on the screen; the temperature sensor adopts thermoelectric couple, which has high sensitivity, high accuracy, high efficiency, easy to observe and operate.

It is applicable to thermosetting and thermoplastic materials, such as electricity jade powder and Bakelite powder materials.

Performance features:

1. Automatic mounting

2. Automatic loading and unloading

3. Automatic temperature control

4. Automatic ejection of samples ( 10-12 minutes)

5. Rapid test process

6. Flexible time setting

7. Large touch screen display

8. Super quiet, safe and stable  

9. Multiple working modes can be set according to different samples   

Technical parameter:

l Mould Specificationφ22mm, φ30mm, φ45mm ( choose one)

l Heater220V 1600W

l TEMPERATURE RANGE: 0~180℃ ( factory setting temperature:120℃)

l Cooling methodAutomatic water cooling

l Overall Dimension380mm*350mm*420mm

l Net Weight50Kg